HASHIUR (The Lesson)
Best documentary Haifa Film Festival 2012.
Director: Anat Tzuria. Over the course of 200 driving lessons Lily Samir develops a close relationship with her teacher Nimar. She talks about growing up in Egypt, the unexplained sudden move to Israel, and about being a woman caught up between two worlds.
Truth or Dare
Director: Nathan Severlof & Noam Keidar
Editor: Dov Shtoyer
Producer: Ifat Pasternak
A story of three friends, ultra-orthodox men, students at the Mir Yeshiva in Jerusalem, who are - "at the very advanced age of 28" - still single
Interview reel
Director: Summer J. Main, Tica Productions
Winner of 5 cinematography awards, including the prestigious Kodak Award
NO EXIT-Feature film
Director: Dror Sabo
Best Film Award, The Jerusalem International Film Festival, 2006.
Director: David Ofek, Producer: Eden Production, Editor: Arik Lahav
Best Documentary Film Award, the Jerusalem International Film Festival 2008
MFA degree in film cinematography from AFI.
Prominent AFI alumni include Oscar winners: David Lynch, Janusz Kaminski, Terrence Malick, Robert Richardson. The two-year Master of Fine Arts program included dozens of cinematography and lighting workshops conducted by leading cinematographers. Graduation portfolio includes 5 projects. Visits to Hollywood movie sets, film labs and post production studios.
RUBIK'S CUBE (Hungarian Cube)
Director: Gilaad Inbar
Producer: Micha Shagrir and Amitay Achiman
Film about Prof. André Hajdu, winner of the Israel Prize for music
Selected clips from 13 projects: Feature films, Documentaries, TV promos, and Commercials. Shot in: 35 mm, 16 mm, Red, HD